Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SLP 2017 Fingerplays

Fingerplays are a lot like superfoods: they are rich in the kinds of activities youngsters need for healthy development.  For example, fingerplays offer an opportunity for one-on-one time with your little one; they support muscle development (in the fingers as well as the rest of the body!); they feature rhymes which help your little one distinguish the sounds of our language; they often are set to music, adding another dimension to your child's experience; they reinforce your child's ever-expanding vocabulary; and they encourage number recognition and counting (Five Little Ducks, Ten in the Bed, etc.).  These are just a few of the wonderful outcomes you may notice as you enjoy sharing fingerplays with your child!

The titles listed below are in the collection at Bellevue Public Library.  At the end of the post you will also find links to several website devoted to fingerplays.

1001 Rhymes and Fingerplays by Totline (371.33 ONE) Adult Nonfiction

This comprehensive book includes a variety of rhymes and poems for all reasons and seasons. It also includes subject and first-line indexes.

The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays by Pam Schiller  (428.2461 SCH) Adult Nonfiction

With Spanish and English on each page, this collection of over 450 rhymes, songs, stories, and fingerplays provides the opportunity for building vocabulary and exploring the sounds of language-important skills for beginning readers!

Fingerplays and Songs for the Very Young by Carolyn Croll (BOARD BOOK)

A sturdy board book includes more than twenty-five favorite fingerplays, nursery rhymes, and action songs guaranteed to get giggles and have babies and toddlers playing along.

Little Hands Fingerplays and Action Songs by Emily Stetson 
(793.4 STE) Juvenile Nonfiction

A collection of action songs and rhyming games which encourage children to stretch their bodies and minds.

Too Many Rabbits and Other Fingerplays About Nature, Weather, and the Universe by Kay Cooper (371.332 COO) Juvenile Nonfiction

A collection of 22 fingerplays with easy-to-follow instructions. Each rhyme is accompanied by bold collage artwork and a paragraph of basic information.

Wee Sing in the Car by Pamela Conn Beall (KIT E/WEE)

Features 60 sing-along songs, tongue-twisters, songs, and fingerplays.

The internet is packed with website featuring fingerplays.  Here is just a sampling: 

Dr. Jean

Storytime Katie

Toronto Public Library

If you find a fingerplay you really like, but aren't sure how it is sung or acted out, you may be able to find it demonstrated on YouTube.

SLP 2017 Nursery Rhymes

Below are a few suggestions for nursery rhymes for you and your child to enjoy. All titles listed are in the collection at Bellevue Public Library and are located in the Board Book, Picture Book, or Juvenile Non Fiction sections.  At the end of this post you can learn more about searching the online catalog.

Tickly Toes by Susan Hood (BOARD BOOK)

Rhyming text describes the wonder that occurs 
when babies discover their toes.

Wee Willie Winkie and Other Rhymes by Iona Opie (BOARD BOOK)

Eight classic nursery rhymes are retold 
with colorful illustrations, including 
Wee Willie Winkie, Pat-a-cake, 
Jack and Jill, Star light, star bright, 
and others.

Builder Goose: It's Construction Rhyme Time! by Boni Ashburn (E/ASH)

Nursery rhymes are refashioned to feature 
construction projects.

The Find It Book by Margaret Wise Brown (E/BRO)

Look carefully as you turn each page! 
Find your favorite nursery rhyme characters 
hiding throughout this magical title from 
Margaret Wise Brown.

Over the Hills and Far Away complied by Elizabeth Hammill (398.8 OVE)

A collection of 150 rhymes from across 
the globe, illustrated by 77 
world-renowned artists.

Out Came the Sun: A Day in Nursery Rhymes by Heather Collins (398.8 COL)

A collection of nursery rhymes, selected 
and beautifully illustrated by Heather Collins. The rhymes tell the comforting and familiar
story of a child's day.  The rhymes were 
chosen for their rhythms, patterns and 
sounds --- to delight babies and toddlers, 
to make reading aloud fun and interactive 
for parents, and to encourage young 
children's engagement and response. 

Nursery Rhymes by Baby Einstein (BOARD BOOK)

A collection of familiar nursery rhymes. 
Each rhyme contains a highlighted word 
that is shown in English, Spanish, 
and French, along with a pronunciation guide. 
Suggested activities are also included.

The McElderry Book of Mother Goose by Petra Mathers (398.8 MCE)

An illustrated collection of Mother Goose nursery rhymes, including well-known ones such as "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "The Queen of Hearts" and less familiar ones such as "Mother May I Go and Swim" and "Ten Little Penguins."

Marc Brown's Playtime Rhymes by Marc Brown (398.8 BRO)

A lively collection of the artist's 20 favorite
read-and-play-along finger rhymes 
complements such entries as 
"The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and 
"I'm a Little Teapot" with pictorial 
instructions for correlating 
finger movements.

Good Night, Sleep Tight by Mem Fox (E/FOX)

In this book with rhyming text, Bonnie and 
Ben's favorite babysitter tells them nursery 
rhymes before putting them to bed.

Wee Rhymes: Baby's First Poetry Book by Jane Yolen (398.8 YOL)

A collection of nursery rhymes, most original 
but some from Mother Goose, divided into 
sections celebrating all of the special moments
in a baby's day, from wake-up time to bedtime.

John Scieszka's Trucktown: Truckery Rhymes by John Scieszka (E/SCI)

For generations, Trucks have been sharing these beloved tales, rowdy rhymes, and honk-along songs. Finally these classics have been gathered into one big, noisy, high-octane collection! All the favorite truckery rhymes are here, from "Peter Peter Payload Eater" to "Little Dan Dumper", all the way to "Pop! Blows the Diesel."

Hungry for more nursery rhymes?!
To search the Bellevue Public Library's online catalog for additional nursery rhymes:
* go to www.bellevuelibrary.org.
* Click on Catalog
* Click on Power Search
* For the Subject, type "nursery rhymes"
* Click Search

SLP 2017 Scavenger Hunts!

Scavenger hunts are fun ways to explore our surroundings and hone our critical thinking skills, all while getting a little exercise and (possibly) some fresh air!

At Bellevue Public Library we have provided hard copies of a variety of scavenger hunts for you and your child to enjoy during the Summer Library Program (SLP 2017).

You can also create your own scavenger hunts!  Here are a few fun websites featuring an array of scavenger hunt ideas:

Hands On As We Grow

My Joy-Filled Life

No Time For Flash Cards

How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Monday, May 22, 2017

SLP 2017 Children's Music CDs

The Bellevue Public Library has a wide variety of music CDs that are sure to entertain and educate your little ones.  Here are just a few:

Pub date
Sleep tight : lullabies for little dreamers [sound recording]  Author782.7 SLE

Putumayo Kids presents reggae playground. [sound recording]
Call number
781.62 PUT

Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on his toe leg knee / [sound recording]
Gill, Jim
Call number
782.7 GIL

Singin' in the bathtub / [sound recording]
Lithgow, John, 1945-
Call number
782.7 LIT

In my hometown [sound recording]
Chapin, Tom.
Call number
782.7 CHA

All aboard [sound recording]
Denver, John.
Call number
782.7 DEN

Around the world and back again [sound recording]
Chapin, Tom.
Call number
782.7 CHA

Raffi : [sound recording] the singable songs collection
Call number
782.7 RAF

Hello world! [sound recording]
Grammer, Red.
Call number
782.7 GRA

Happy to be here [sound recording]
Parachute Express (Musical group)
Call number
782.7 PAR

John McCutcheon's four seasons [sound recording] : summersongs
McCutcheon, John.
Call number
782.7 MCC

To search the Bellevue Public Library's online catalog for additional children's music CDs:

* go to www.bellevuelibrary.org.
* Click on Catalog
* Click on Power Search
* Click on Location and select JUV Music CD
* Click Search

SLP 2017 Lift the Flap and Die-Cut Books

Lift the Flap and Die-Cut Books offer surprises at every turn of the page. Whether it involves lifting a flap to discover a hidden object or a specially-cut page that reveals just enough of a picture to pique the reader's interest, these novelty books are sure to delight young children!

Apples and Robins by Lucie FĂ©lix (E/FEL)

Using die-cut pages the story explores the shapes 
and colors of an apple tree through the passing of 
the seasons.

Eek! A Mouse Seek-and-Peek Book by Anne-Sophie Baumann (E/BAU)

"A bunch of mischievous mice are planning a party. So they start going through the boxes in the house to find things for the event! All sorts of boxes are piled high from basement to attic, filled with hats, tools, eggs, and even dentures! Will the mice find everything they need to set up a fantastic celebration? Help them open the boxes to find out!"--Back cover.
In the Fiddle is a Song by Durga Bernhard (E/BER)

By lifting the flaps, readers can reveal 
the extraordinary things that are hidden 
inside of everyday items like acorns and 
stalks of wheat.

The Foggy Foggy Forest by Nick Sharratt (E/SHA)

A unicorn playing a horn? An ogre doing yoga? 
Peek through each foggy vellum page to guess what lies beyond in the foggy, foggy forest.

Grandma and Me by Karen Katz (BOARD BOOK)

A grandmother visits her granddaughter, bringing with her some fun surprises.

Mommy, Where Are You? by Leonid Gore (E/GOR)

A little mouse wakes up one day and, when 
he cannot find his mother, goes in search 
of her. Illustrations on die-cut pages reveal part of the following illustration.

Roar: A Big-Mouthed Book of Sounds by Jonathan Litton (BOARD BOOK)

Bright rainbow-colored artwork, die-cut finger holes and cheerful rhyming text combine in a colorful story that invites children to guess which featured animal is the loudest of all.

Spot's Baby Sister by Eric Hill (E/HIL)

Spot the dog enjoys romping with his 
new baby sister and discovers what
it is like to be a big brother. 
Movable flaps conceal portions of the 

Toes, Ears, & Nose! by Marion Dane Bauer (BOARD BOOK)

Engages readers to lift the flaps to see 
which body parts are hiding 
underneath clothing.

To search the Bellevue Public Library's online catalog for additional board books and die-cut books:
* go to www.bellevuelibrary.org.
* Click on Catalog
* Click on Power Search
* For Words or Phrase, type either "board books" or "die cut"
* Click Search