Monday, April 28, 2014

May Activity Calendar and Facebook Contest!

Throughout the month of May Tammy and I will be encouraging our patrons and blog readers to use the specially-designed activity calendar that we are offering in place of our usual library activities.  While she and I prepare for our Summer Reading Program, we invite you to find fun ways to interact every day with your child.  The calendar provides suggestions - but you probably have some great ideas, too!
You are also invited to visit the library's Facebook page to participate in a contest.  Adults are encouraged to leave a comment about any of the activities, a photo of your child taking part in an activity, an anecdote of something he/she said, or your child's reaction to an activity. There will be a weekly drawing from among those who post something relevant on Facebook.  Below are pictures of the prizes available to those who win:

Pink browsing bag, box of Princess Glitter Stickers, set of 4 plastic nesting bowls

Red browsing bag, 8 plastic hard hats, 8 Bob the Builder Party Bags & 
Bob the Builder Birthday Banner

Black browsing bag, metal safe with key and combination, spy watch

Blue browsing bag, 2 plastic bags for sack races, swim goggles & Silly Shotz toy

Blue browsing bag, junior golf set, water pistol

Yellow browsing bag, glittery jump rope, plush monkey with velcro hands and feet,
set of 2 ice cream bowls and spoons

Blue browsing bag, watering can and plastic garden tools, 
bathtub toy boats, 2 rubber ducks

Red, white & blue browsing bag, swim goggles, water pistol
and ball and glove set

Blue browsing bag, bathtub toy boats, 4 rubber ducks

Purple browsing bag, set of 2 ice cream bowls and spoons,
hedgehog key ring, Ice Pop ring molds

Orange browsing bag, watering can and plastic garden tools, 
"Wild Animals" Baby Touch and Feel board book

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