Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This week the Library's  DIY Table features activities associated with our week's "Weather" theme.  Miss Michelle has put together some fun activities to be enjoyed while children are at the library.

Kids can make a snowman puppet using the supplies shown here:

Young children can sharpen their color recognition skills with this fun activity which uses magnet-backed pom-poms, a laminated rainbow picture, and a cookie sheet.
Update: We have had several instances of unsupervised children pulling the magnets off the back of the pom-poms so that the pom-poms can be glued onto their coloring sheets.  While I applaud their creative artistry, it has been frustrating to lose pieces from the Rainbow Puzzle.  So...Miss Michelle is revamping this activity so as not to use pom-poms.  We shall see what she comes up with!

Another fun activity for puzzle-lovers!  These are two of the four 
weather-themed puzzles made from jumbo craft sticks.

For youngsters who are developing their fine motor skills, 
this sheet challenges them to follow the path from the weather condition on the left to the appropriate clothing or accessory on the right.

Coloring sheets are provided  and can be a fun activity 
(even without the availability of pom-poms!)

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  1. I love all these activities! What a great variety!