Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stuffed Animal Sleepover: Christmas Edition!

The Bellevue Public Library hosted its 4th Stuffed Animal Sleepover on December 6, 2014. Due to the busy holiday season the Children's staff decided not to incorporate a party with the stuffed animals' owners into the schedule.  Children were invited to bring in a stuffed animal during the week of the sleepover.  Miss Michelle and I, along with several Junior Friends, had a great time putting on a sleepover party for the animals!  We kept our cameras nearby as we played board games, had a snack, ordered pizza, read stories, helped to decorate a tree, and spent the night at the library.  We even took everyone out for breakfast in the morning!
I hope you will enjoy the movie we put together to help remember our 2014 Stuffed Animal Sleepover: Christmas edition!    You can watch it here or find it on Youtube (search: Bellevue Public Library Christmas Sleepover). 
I'd love to hear your comments and/or suggestions which will surely help us improve future Sleepover movies!

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