Sunday, February 1, 2015

NEWS FLASH!! Super Heroes Spotted at Bellevue Public Library!!!

I am so looking forward to this summer, when the Bellevue Public Library will be filled with super heroes of all kinds!  There will be heroes with x-ray vision and some with the ability to fly or make things disappear!  Some will have amazing healing powers while others have incredible strength and endurance!  We might even meet heroes who have the gift of being able to transport other people through time and space, as well as those who possess power bestowal!

The REALLY INCREDIBLE thing is that these super heroes walk through the doors of the Bellevue Public Library on a regular basis! (Well, they don't literally walk through doors! That would involve the super-duper power of intangibility!) They may not wear a cape, but some do wear a mask, and many wear a special costume!  These super heroes use abilities that are theirs because of natural talent and/or intense training and personal sacrifice.

The heroes I have spotted at the library include teachers, medical personnel, scientists, inventors, personal trainers, pilots, magicians, military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers, authors, artists, musicians, political representatives, architects, therapists, veterinarians, and more! 

Our 2015 Summer Reading Program for children is called "Every Hero Has a Story" and it promises to highlight heroes of all kinds.  In the coming weeks I will be posting more information, including a calendar of events, an explanation of the "reading club" portion of the program, a few photos and teasers, and maybe even a contest or two!

Click here to watch a trailer for our 2015 Summer Reading Program! 

Be watching this blog for an upcoming post titled "Look!  Up in the air!  It's a shirt!  It's a book bag!"
   ~Mrs. B.


  1. I am so excited to see all the fun activities you come up with!! Sounds like so much fun!! (My summer reading program, unfortunately, will not be nearly as exciting...A definite DISADVANTAGE to being in a large library system!)

  2. SO good to hear from you, Tammy! Your library system is totally under-utilizing your wonderful creative talents. They don't know what they are missing! Re: the picture above with the little boy in the Spider-Man costume...he reminds me so much of Katie S.'s Nolan!