Friday, May 8, 2015

Getting to Know...Mac Barnett!

I had the opportunity to meet author Mac Barnett at The Bookworm Bookstore on May 3, 2015. While just about everybody in Omaha was focused on getting investment advice at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting that weekend, I invested my time in learning more about one of my favorite authors.  And I got a great return on my investment! It was a chance to bond with my assistant, Michelle, while having the opportunity to rub shoulders with this blue chip author!  Interest was high and, since it was a free event, I left no broker than when I arrived!  My current assets did allow me to purchase several books for signing, although my big disappointment was not being able to purchase a copy of "Count the Monkeys" anywhere in the metro. I was even willing to pay more than the fair market price!  The next time I get to hear Mac speak I'll need to stock up on books ahead of time, which might yield a better selection of titles! Okay...enough investment talk! 

I first heard Mac speak a few years ago at the Nebraska State Reading Association annual convention and was anxious to learn more about him and enjoy his goofball sense of humor!

He started off by reading his newest picture book: The Skunk

Because of the acoustics at The Bookworm, as well as the fact that they were busy with many customers, I did not get the best sound quality.  I have added captions to this video, and the ones that follow, for those who might find it helpful.

So many unanswered questions. Who is this skunk?  Why is he following the man?  Why doesn't he like milk?...or does he just resent being served from a saucer?   What's a pocket watch? Is it the same as an iPhone?  

Even Mac seems perplexed...and HE'S the author!

Be sure to read the rest of this little gem to find out what this skunk is up to!

Next, Mac pulled out Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, which won a Caldecott Honor for illustrator Jon Klassen.  In fact, this is the SECOND time Jon Klassen has won a Caldecott Honor for illustrating a Mac Barnett story!  Do you know what the other book is? **

Here is a fun promo video made by Mac and Jon

The final book Mac highlighted was his most recent novel, The Terrible Two, co-written with Jory John and illustrated by Kevin Cornell.

This story is about two students in the idyllic little town of Yawnee Valley who try to outwit, outsmart, and out-prank each other.  

Before Mac read the first chapter from the book, he had to initiate us into his secret prankster society.  Here he is showing us the Mac Barnett/Jory John prankster two-finger signal.

More "magical" moments with Mac (Or, "The Case of the Case of the (Almost) Purloined Camera"):

Now that we know the secret hand signal, it's time to take the Prankster's Oath!

Following his presentation Mac stuck around for book signing and picture taking!

 "Watch it there, Michelle.  You're gonna give Mac writer's cramp!

My thanks to The Bookworm Bookstore for hosting Mac Barnett's visit to Omaha!

** Jon Klassen also received the Caldecott Honor for Extra Yarn!

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