Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summer Library Program 2017: "Build a Better World!"

Hello everyone!  In case you have not heard the news...I am back!!  I have returned as the part-time Children's Assistant at Bellevue Public Library.  It is great to be back, and to have responsibility for Outreach and Early Childhood programming.

Our Summer Library Program (SLP) theme for 2017 is "Build a Better World".  I am excited to invite children of all ages to sign up for the program, which runs May 28-July 22.  We have created a game board which will encourage and challenge children and their parents to explore ways to build a better world, sharpen their reading skills, and for the youngest children, begin learning about the world and how we communicate through spoken and written language.

In future posts I will be including suggestions for activities that you and your child can enjoy this summer.  The posts will also support the age-appropriate board games that are part of the SLP reading club.

Happy Reading!  Happy Playing!  Happy Discovering!    ~ Mrs. B.

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