Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn is Here!

Presented at Golden Hills Head Start on Monday, September 24, 2012


Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! by Maureen Wright

Ska-Tat! by Kimberly Knutson

When Autumn Falls by Kelli Nidey


First We Wave Our Hands Up High
(tune: "London Bridge")

First we wave our hands up high,
Hands up high, hands up high,
First we wave our hands up high,
Then we CLAP them! (lots of claps!)

Then we shake our hands down low,
Hands down low, hands down low.
Then we shake our hands down low,
Then we hide them!

Children always have fun finding places to hide their hands...under their legs, behind their back, in their pockets, under their shirt, etc.  Then we count "1..2..3...",  yell, "Ta-Da!!!!!!" and show our hands!

Storytime Has Ended
(tune: "Did You Ever See a Lassie?")

Storytime has ended, has ended, has ended.
Storytime has ended 'til we meet again.

(Children wave to each other as we continue)
'Til we meet, 'til we meet, 'til we meet, 'til we meet.
Storytime has ended 'til we meet again.


Falling Leaves
I use a piece of instrumental music entitled "The Trees Weep Leaves" by David Huntsinger.  It can be found on a CD entitled "Autumn in New England".  The mp3 can be purchased online.  The children, teachers and I hold lengths of yellow, red, orange and brown paper streamers as we listen to the music.  As the music begins, we let our "leaves" gently float and tumble to the floor.  As the music increases in volume and tempo, we make the leaves swirl and fly as we pretend that they are caught up in the wind.  There are several tempo/volume changes, so children get to practice their listening skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Miss Jenny, Miss Annie, and the children at Golden Hills Head Start!  I think they also enjoyed meeting my puppet friend "Wesley".  I gave the children some clues to help them guess what animal Wesley is:
* He is green
* He has 2 front legs and 2 back legs
* He has a tail
* He lives in a shell

Can you guess?!  Visit my blog again later this week to see if you guessed correctly!

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