Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Puppet Friend, Wesley

Children who regularly visit the library are very familiar with Wesley, my puppet friend who joins me for Toddler Storytimes.  Recently I visited Miss Jenny's Head Start class at Golden Hills Elementary in Bellevue.  The children were excited to meet my friend - and he was excited to meet them!!  Before he came out of my apron pocket (his favorite place to snuggle up for a nap), I gave the children some clues to help them learn more about Wesley.  Here were the clues:
* He is green
* He has 2 front legs and 2 back legs
* He has a tail
* He lives in a shell

Have you guessed what my friend Wesley looks like??!!
Well, here's a picture of him outside his home near the marsh at Fontenelle Forest:

Yep!  He's a turtle!  He has been coming to storytimes with me for about 12 years now!  If you'd like to meet Wesley, the best time to spot him is at Toddler Storytime on Thursday mornings at 9:15 AM!!

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