Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fun For All Storytime: Let's Move!!

This Fun For All Storytime was presented at Bellevue Public Library on June 14, 2018.

Let's Move!

Hop, Hop, Jump! by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Jumping Day by Barbara Juster Esbensen, illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler


Let's Make Some Noise by Raffi

Shake My Sillies Out by Raffi

Ring Around the Rosie 

Ring around the rosie, 
a pocketful of posies.
Ashes, ashes,
we all fall down!

Cows are in the meadow,
eating buttercups.
Thunder, lightning,
we all jump up!

For this activity we pulled out our colorful parachute and tried different ways of using it while we sang.  We shook the parachute along the floor, then lifted it high, we walked in a circle with it, we brought it back down to the floor, and then we lifted it up and ran into the center, creating a tent over our heads.

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