Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting to know...Denise Fleming!

On December 1st I attended the 2012 ECCOA Early Literacy Conference at UNO.  The guest speakers were Isabel Baker, owner of The Book Vine for Children ( and author/illustrator Denise Fleming (
It was a wonderful day shared with librarians, teachers, and daycare providers.
Here are some pictures and video from the conference!

During the conference Denise Fleming was available to sign copies of her book.  As she was signing books for me I also asked if she would sign my mouse puppet.  Some of my Storytime friends will recognize Squeaky, the puppet I made years ago to accompany Denise's book Lunch.  Squeaky was being sneaky in this picture but he still got a kiss from Denise!

Denise Fleming is pictured here with Isabel Baker, who was dressed up to take part in an acted-out version of a story!

Denise Fleming really liked my Lunch puppet and the fruits and vegetables he eats as I tell the story.  She asked if I would come up and show it to the group.  Here I have the mouse on my arm while she is holding up each of the foods he loves to eat!

Here is Denise speaking with some of the attendees and signing copies of her books.

This video shows a number of us at the conference participating in a dramatic retelling of In the Tall, Tall Grass.

It was such a privilege to meet Denise Fleming, whose work I have admired and enjoyed for many years!

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