Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"I Dig Dinosaurs"

Presented at Bellevue Public Library on July 10 & 11, 2013.


How to Raise a Dinosaur by Natasha Wing, illustrated by Pablo Bernasconi


Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg, illustrated by Debbie Harter
(This is a great book for reminding us how important it is to expose our little ones to a rich, extensive vocabulary! Challenge yourself to find other descriptive words when talking with your young one about things that are "big", "little", "soft", etc.  Have fun introducing your child to the wonderful world of words!)

All Aboard the Dinotrain by Deb Lund, illustrated by Howard Fine


We Dig Books!

(tune: "Three Blind Mice")

We dig books!
Books!  Books! Books!

We're hooked on books!
Books!  Books!  Books!

Whenever we have some time to spare,
We curl up in a comfy chair,
And read about people from here to there.

In books, books, books!
Books!  Books!  Books!

The Dino Pokey

(tune: "The Hokey Pokey")

You put your claws in,
You put your claws out.
You put your claws in
And you shake them all about.
You do the Dino Pokey and
You turn yourself about.
That's what it's all about!

Additional verses:
You put your feet in...stomp them all about...
You put your teeth in...chomp them all about...
You put your tail in...wag it all about...


Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Turn Around
(adapted by Kapila S. Love)

Dinosaur, dinosaur, turn around,
Dinosaur, dinosaur, stomp the ground.
Dinosaur, dinosaur, show your claws,
Dinosaur, dinosaur, snap your jaws.
Dinosaur, dinosaur, turn around.
Dinosaur, dinosaur, sit right down!

Open, Shut Them
(a goodbye chant)

Open, shut them,
(open hands, then close into fists)
Open, shut them,
Give a little clap, clap, clap.
(clap 3 times)

Open, shut them,
(open hands, then close into fists)
Open, shut them,
Lay them in your lap, lap, lap.
(pat your legs three times)

Waving, waving, waving, waving,
High up in the sky, sky, sky.

Wave to me, I'll wave to you,
Now let's all say "Goodbye, bye, bye!"

Start out s-l-o-w-l-y, then increase the speed on the second time through.  Can you go even faster when you say it for the third time?!

Library News: This is our last week for Reading ROCKS! Storytime.  We will wrap things up next week with a Storytime Play Day on Wednesday, July 17 from 10-11 AM.  There will be indoor and outdoor activities, weather permitting, with a variety of fun activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!  We hope to see you and your young ones there!

Each Reading ROCKS! Storytime includes activities that support one or more of the five early literacy practices identified as essential in helping your child develop the skills they need before they can learn to read. The five practices – singing, talking, reading, playing and writing –were developed for Every Child Ready to Read®, an initiative of the Association for Library Services for Children (ALSC) and the Public Library Association (PLA).
Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library®, PLA and ALSC logos are registered trademarks of the American Library Association and are used with permission.

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