Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tree Planting at Haworth Park, Part III

Today was the second day of planting at Haworth Park.  Several Green Bellevue members were on hand, along with another group of stalwart volunteers from Mutual of Omaha.  The group was given the task of planting the 50 or so trees that remained after yesterday's marathon planting session.  Dave Anson and Horticulturalist Graham Herbst spent some time educating the group on the proper technique for planting trees.  As Graham said, "It's not hard to plant trees, you just need to do it correctly!"

Also taking part in today's planting event were library patrons Phillip and Tarese and their children Hannah and William.  They were interested in "adopting" a tree, so they came with their shovels and rakes, ready to work!

Here are some photos and videos from today's event:

Ruth Richter of Green Bellevue produced this great video slideshow!

Don Preister (holding the clipboard) spoke to the group about the importance of trees, and how the trees planted today will be enjoyed by campers and other park visitors for years and years to come.  He acknowledged the cooperation of several groups whose donations of time, talent and money allowed Haworth Park to receive these 150 new trees!

Phillip and Tarese and their children Hannah and William watch and listen carefully as Dave Anson explains the proper steps in planting a tree.

Horticulturalist Graham Herbst showed everyone what can happen
when a tree is not planted properly.  The small trunk he held for everyone to see had been choked off by roots that grew around the trunk, rather than out from it.

Dave Anson showed us how to measure so that the hole was the
correct depth to ensure a healthy start for this tree!

"Okay!  Enough talking!"  Now it's time for Hannah and William to get their hands (and their shoes, and their socks...) dirty! 
"Hmmm... this hole seems a little too deep."

"Let's put those shovels to work and scoop some dirt
back into the hole."
It's looking better already!
"We need to make sure the soil is packed down and ready to support the tree.  Who can we find to help stomp down the ground??? 

Here's a daddy who knows how to have fun with his kids!
Way to go, Phillip!

Graham holds the tree steady while the family pitches in
to fill the hole with dirt.  The tree selected for this area of the park is a Northern Pecan tree.

"Phew!  This is hard work!  It's time for a drink of water!"

After planting THREE trees, Phillip and Tarese took a break to listen to Graham explain how trees are grouped together and classified: not by the shape of their leaves, but by the fruit and flowers they produce.
Phillip and Tarese and the kids have adopted a veritable grove of pecan trees.  Graham told them the trees would start producing pecans about the time the kids are getting their driver's licenses!
"One last picture with our new friend, Graham.  This has been lots of fun, but it's windy and sunny, and past our naptime!"
(Yes... Hannah and William took a nap, too!)
                         ~ Mrs. B.


  1. Thanks for the awesome pictures and videos, Mrs. B. Tarese and I really loved them! Gotta love those cute kids!

    1. So glad your beautiful family could join us for this event!
      (My apologies for misspelling Tarese's name. I was just so proud of myself for remembering that it doesn't have an "h". I have corrected it!)