Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Runza: Great Books for Great Kids!

Since 2004 Runza has held a one-day fundraiser to benefit the communities in which their restaurants are located.  Since its beginning, BPL has been the recipient of funds raised by the Galvin Road Runza.  We are grateful to Runza for this partnership which has donated over $2300 to be used in purchasing books for the children's collection.  In 2013 we received a record-breaking $329.87 from the October 1st event.

Recently I visited Runza to meet with manager Christina Lehr and show her the 18 books that were purchased with these funds.  These include a 13-volume set about American animals, 2 graphic novels, and 3 books about space and the NASA program.

We are grateful to Runza for their continued support of the Bellevue Public Library and its programs and services!
   ~ Mrs. B.

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