Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Robo Expo 2014

ROBOTS was the theme for the second week of our 2014 Summer Reading Program, "Fizz, Boom, READ!"  Interested children and families were given a "Robot Starter Kit" and invited to take it home and use any or all the materials to make a robot.  Our robot-makers also incorporated such things as cardboard boxes, Easter grass, phone cords, duct tape, hot glue, calculators, silver spray paint and pop bottles.  The robots were then brought in to the library, where they were displayed during Robot Week.  A total of about 35 robots served as inspiration for many of our youngest patrons and their parents.  I heard quite a few kids remark, "Hey! Can WE do that at home?!  That looks like fun!"

My thanks to everyone who participated in this activity!

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