Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Libraries Rock!: 2018 SLP: Baby Rhymes

Reciting simple rhymes is a wonderful way to spend time with your infant!  Baby loves being close to you, listening to your voice, watching the expressions on your face, and reacting to your silly voices and laughter!  

Below are two simple rhymes that are used in Baby & Me Storytimes at Bellevue Public Library.

Here is Baby ready for a nap.        
I'll lay you down here in my lap.
I'll cover you up so you won't peep,
And rock you 'til you're fast asleep.

Where, oh where are baby's fingers?
Where, oh where are baby's toes?
Where's the baby's belly button?
'Round and 'round it goes!

Where, oh where are baby's ears?
Where, oh where is baby's nose?
Where's the baby's belly button?
'Round and 'round it goes!

To search for more Baby & Me Storytime rhymes on this site:
Click on "Baby and Me Storytime" under "Labels", along the right side of my blog

One of my favorite sources of Storytime rhymes and songs is Jbrary, a site developed by two Children's Librarians from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Here is the link to their YouTube Playlists.  I hope their videos will inspire and encourage you to try some new rhymes with your little one!!

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