Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Libraries Rock!: 2018 SLP: Songs and CDs for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Toddlers and preschoolers typically LOVE music and singing! 

Often times as I sit at my desk at the Bellevue Public Library I hear snippets of singing coming from youngsters in the Children's area.  Sometimes it's a well-loved classic ("Twinkoh, twinkoh, widdoh stah, how I wonder what yooo ah.") while other times it's a made-up-on-the-spot song sung to no particular tune at all ("My car goes dowwwwn the road.  Uh-oh, here comes a truck! Bang!  They crashed!  Let's go for a ride!")

For many children, singing seems to be as natural as breathing.  Activities such as singing songs, listening to music, and clapping along/dancing to music are beneficial to children, as they encourage listening skills, introduce vocabulary, support the development of motor skills, spark imagination,  and help youngsters hear the individual sounds that make up the words in our language.

You can support and encourage these activities by making music a part of your household.  Children don't tend to be too critical of someone's singing voice.  They are just happy that they are singing!!  I encourage you to sing often to your child, even if you don't feel particularly good at singing!
When I am searching for songs to use for Storytimes at BPL, I try to pull from a variety of sources.  Classic children's songs such as these are available on YouTube and can be especially helpful if you have forgotten the words or can't remember the melody.  There are also many popular children's songs being composed in a wide variety of musical styles by current singers and songwriters.
The two Children's Librarians who are the authors of Jbrary have this extensive playlist library on YouTube.

Bellevue Public Library has a large selection of music CDs that are geared to young children.  My favorite artists' CDs feature fun, engaging songs, inventive lyrics, and a variety of music styles representing cultures from around the world.

You might like to check out CDs by:
John McCutcheon
Tom Chapin
Joanie Bartels
Greg & Steve
Parachute Express

BPL also has a wide variety of Disney movie soundtracks, holiday and seasonal music, classical music for kids, lullabies, world music, and much more!

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