Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Libraries Rock!: 2018 SLP: Creating Tents and Other Hideaways

Children seem to be drawn to small spaces: hideaways, tents, forts... any area that brings a child's large, looming world into closer proximity. You may find that your child is naturally drawn to small spaces: the area behind a couch, the space under the dining room table, the corner of a closet, an empty box or laundry basket.  You can support their curiosity by making small spaces accessible to your little ones.  Youngsters love the idea of inviting you into their special space.  A few extra pillows, a blanket, a flashlight, or some stuffed animals can give their hideaway a homey feel.

Here is a great article from Junior Magazine on why children love secret hiding places!

For more inspiration, here are 10 fort ideas from lifeasmama.com.

I hope you'll be inspired to try making a tent at your house! 

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