Friday, January 17, 2014

German Language Storytime!

Presented at Bellevue Public Library on Friday, January 17, 2014 by students of Amanda Messerschmitt's German class at Bellevue West High School.

Frau Messerschmitt and four of her students visited the library today to read some original stories written in German and illustrated by the students.  It was a wonderful opportunity for those of us in the audience to learn a little bit about the German language, while giving the students a chance to practice their diction, pronunciation and presentation as they read aloud to us.


Das Schwein by Rachel, illustrated by the author

Der Elefant und die Maus  by Kasey, illustrated by the author

Das Kleine Chamäleon by Kjersten, illustrated by the author

Johannes und Wolfie by Kirsten, illustrated by the author

Some families brought brown bag lunches 
to enjoy during the storytime.

After introducing herself, Frau Messerschmitt shared some information about the German program at Bellevue West.  For anyone who is interested, there is an opportunity for your young child to learn German, through a special program at Bellevue West!  For more information, you can email Frau Messerschmitt at:
or visit her website:

After sharing this info, Frau Messerschmitt sat back 
and watched her students share their stories.





After the stories were shared, the students spread out 
and spoke with members of the audience, letting them see 
the illustrated stories up close.

Getting a close-up look at Das Kleine Chamäleon

 "Then it began to rain."

"The pig climbed into bed."

The audience was taught how to say, "I would like a cat" 
and "I would like a dog."

Children then came up to the teens and 
asked for either a Katze or a Hund to take home.

This big sister asked for a Katze for herself 
and a Hund for her little sister!

My thanks to Frau Messerschmitt and her students for visiting the library and presenting this storytime today!  Many parents commented afterwards about the teens' impressive command of German, and especially about their poise and the gentle way in which they interacted with the children.  This was a lot of fun for everyone!  I know Frau Messerschmitt and I will be watching for opportunities to collaborate in the future!   Dankeschön Frau Messerschmitt, Kirsten, Kjersten, Kasey und Rachel!!

   ~Frau Boeckman 
(According to my husband's relatives, the family name changed its spelling a few generations back. It was originally spelled Böeckmann!)

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