Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Presented at Bellevue Public Library on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.


Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme by Bruce McMillan

Playful Little Penguins by Tony Mitton, illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

We returned once again to a zoo-themed storytime as we looked back at Buzz's trip to Henry Doorly Zoo.  Buzz especially liked the penguins, although he felt bad for them, since they have wings, but can't fly.  He didn't feel sorry for them for too long, though.  He discovered they are amazing swimmers - something Buzz does NOT want to try!


Good Morning!

(tune: "Frere Jacques")

Good morning! (echo)
How are you? (echo)
I'm so glad to see you! (echo)
Wesley is, too! (echo)

If You're Ready For a Story

(tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It")

If you're ready for a story, take a seat.
If you're ready for a story, take a seat.
Clap your hands and stomp your feet,
Make your hands all nice and neat.
If you're ready for a story, take a seat.

I'm a Little Penguin
(tune: "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a little penguin
Black and white.
Stout and fluffy,
What a sight!

I can't fly

But I love to swim.
So I'll waddle to the water
And dive right in!


Open, Shut Them

Open, shut them,
Open, shut them.
Give a little clap, clap, clap!

Open, shut them,
Open, shut them.
Lay them in your lap, lap, lap!

Waving, waving, waving, waving,
High up in the sky, sky, sky.
Wave to me,
I'll wave to you.
Now let's all say goodbye, bye, bye!


One of the activities available for the children was our Feed the Penguins game. Children were given a small cup of goldfish crackers and challenged to put the correct number of fish in each penguin's tummy!

We also played with our parachute, letting our stuffed penguin bounce around as the children and parents raised and lowered the parachute.  We had LOTS of fun with this activity!   My apologies for the video.  I was using my new phone and didn't realize the video would play sideways. (sigh)

Each Toddler Storytime includes activities that support one or more of the five early literacy practices identified as essential in helping your child develop the skills they need before they can learn to read. The five practices – singing, talking, reading, playing and writing –were developed for Every Child Ready to Read®, an initiative of the Association for Library Services for Children (ALSC) and the Public Library Association (PLA).

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