Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting to know...Eric Rohmann!

I had the opportunity to meet children's book illustrator Eric Rohmann at the Plum Creek Children's Literacy Festival in Seward, Nebraska. 

Eric is an award-winning artist who has illustrated (and written)many stories, including:

Bone Dog

Oh, No! by Candace Fleming

Bless this Mouse by Lois Lowry

Time Flies

My Friend Rabbit

Eric began his presentation by introducing himself
and his wife Candace Fleming and his cat...

...and his other cat... 

...and his dog... 

...and his son who accompanied them on a trip to Borneo.
(He is in the middle of the picture, walking under the tree
that is laying at an angle across the path.)

This is an early sketch for Candace Fleming's book "Oh, No!"
for which he provided the illustrations.  This is where he is
making changes and corrections.  He has a note to himself
 to make the hole bigger.  Another note reminds him
to make the illustration show more action.

Eric showed us another step in the process of illustrating a book.
The text is running down the middle of the page and his ideas for illustrations are to the left and right.  He has scribbled in notes to himself and to Candace about the proposed number of pages, illustrations that need their own page, word choice, how much detail to include, etc.  Candace has also included a very important piece of information for Eric:  At the top of the page she has written, "During the entire story's action there is a tiger, hiding and waiting and just barely visible in the background."

It was a pleasure to meet Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann and to have Eric sign a book for me.  Be watching future blog posts for a chance to win a signed copy of Eric's book A Kitten Tale !

Keep reading!
  ~ Mrs. B.

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