Friday, October 18, 2013

International Observe the Moon Night!

Held at Bellevue Public Library on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

We had a great turnout for this year's InOMN (International Observe the Moon Night - pronounced EYE-nom) event!  About 110 people of all ages came out on a beautiful, cloudless evening to learn more about the Moon and observe its awe-inspiring beauty.  The Bellevue Public Library was recognized as an official event on InOMN's website (  If you or your child would like an official certificate of participation similar to the one displayed at the library, go to the InOMN website, then click on Event Materials, then on Certificate of Participation.  You can print it with the name field blank or click on the field in order to type in a name.  When done, click on File and then on Print.

The evening offered the following activities:
* Photo Exhibit: children were invited to submit their own photos of the moon, which were displayed near the entrance.
* Moon Fair: children brought display boards showing what they have learned about the Moon.  The children also made themselves available to answer questions from other attendees.
* Moon Presentation: UNO professor Bill Moak returned again this year to share information about the Moon and lead the children in a demonstration of the phases of the Moon.

Self-Guided Activities:
* Learn about the Moon phases using Oreo Cookies
* Make-your-own edible Moon using Rice Krispies bars, cinnamon candies, and chocolate chips
* Worksheets such as coloring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, etc.
* Moon puzzles featuring "true blue" facts and "far-fetched" myths about the Moon.
* Moon Trivia questions
* Calculate your moon weight

Moon Viewing:
Bill Moak, along with Kim Moss-Allen from the Omaha Astronomical Society, brought telescopes and binoculars for use by our attendees.  In addition, 2 library patron families brought their own telescopes to share with the crowd.  We also set up the library's lunar binoculars on the front lawn.  As promised by Mr. Moak, the International Space Station made a pass over the library at 7:30 PM.  Everyone enjoyed seeing the ISS and pointing it out to their children!

Here are a few photos from the evening:

Children who prepared Moon Fair exhibits, and their families, were invited to arrive early to set up their displays and join the Children's staff for a pizza supper.

Several children participated in our "Shoot the Moon"
display of photos taken by children.

Children and adults enjoyed weighing themselves and then calculating what their weight would be on the Moon.  An additional step was to have the adult lift the child until the scale showed the child's Moon weight, then allow the child to walk around with the adult continuing to support the bulk of their weight.
Youngsters enjoyed some quiet play using our flannel board and
a variety of astronomy-related pieces.
Bill Moak gave a Power Point presentation about the Moon. 

The children had fun using a spotlight and Ping-Pong balls
to learn about the Moon's phases.
Everyone was treated to some awesome displays
 prepared by local students. 

Bill Moak proved to have a wealth of information that he was ready to share with anyone who had questions during the evening.
Kim Moss-Allen adjusts her telescope
for this young moongazer.

Reporter Adam Klinkner's visit to cover our event for the Bellevue Leader turned into an educational visit as he looks through a lens of Kim Moss-Allen's telescope. 

We certainly plan to host a gathering next fall for InOMN 2014!  In the meantime, keep looking up!
   ~ Mrs. B. 


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