Friday, March 15, 2013


Presented at Welcome School on Friday, March 15, 2013.


Rabbits and Raindrops by Jim Arnosky

Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman


Rain Song
(tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It")

First a little drop of rain hit the ground.
(use hand to indicate raindrops)
Then another drop of rain hit the ground.
(use other hand to indicate more raindrops)
Then another and another,
(continue, increasing speed)
And another and another,
And pretty soon we hear a different sound!
(cup hand by ear as though listening)
Splash!  Splash!
(stomp feet twice)


If I Were a Little Flower

If I were a little flower
Sleeping in the ground,
(squat down and cover head with arms)
I'd raise my head and
Grow and grow,
(slowly stand up and uncover head)
And stretch my arms and
Grow and grow,
(extend arms above head)
And nod my head and say,
"I'm glad to see you all today!"

There was a sea of green at Welcome School today, with many children and teachers dressing for St. Patrick's Day! I really enjoyed my visit this morning, especially since we had to cancel last month's visit due to a snowstorm!  In keeping with our tradition, the children taught ME a song before I left.  This song is a great way to learn the months of the year.  It's sung to the tune of "One Little, Two Little, Three Little" and the actions are similar to the Macarena!  If you don't know how to dance the Macarena, you can view this short Youtube video

January (extend left arm out in front of you, palm down)
February (extend right arm in similar fashion)
March and (turn left hand so that palm is facing up)
April (turn right hand in similar fashion)
May (bend left arm to touch right shoulder)
June (bend right arm to touch left shoulder)
July and (put left hand behind head)
August (put right hand behind head)
September (cross left hand over body to touch right hip)
October (cross right hand over body to touch left hip)
November (move left hand to left hip)
December (move right hand to right hip)
* Then you turn around.  (turn in a circle)

* Last time sing: Then you sit right down.

I enjoyed hearing about the leprechaun who left his footprints on the classroom walls, and about the gold (candy!) he left behind!  There is always something fun going on at Welcome School!
My next visit to Welcome School will be on Friday, April 26, 2013!   ~Mrs. B.

Each Outreach Storytime includes activities that support one or more of the five early literacy practices identified as essential in helping your child develop the skills they need before they can learn to read. The five practices – singing, talking, reading, playing and writing –were developed for Every Child Ready to Read®, an initiative of the Association for Library Services for Children (ALSC) and the Public Library Association (PLA).
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